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Thank you for choosing Dr. Daniel N. Ead!

The information below is designed to give our patients a clear understanding of what
policies and methods we use in our office. Should you have any questions regarding these,
please do not hesitate to contact the office manager to address any questions or concerns.
It is our goal to provide you with the very best medical treatment possible and
accommodate you as much as possible.


You can call the office to make an appointment Monday-Friday at 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Same day appointments will be made available for urgent situations. Please understand
that we will be fitting you in between patients with scheduled appointments, so there may be
an extended waiting period up to an hour or more. 

Wait time: We do our very best to stay on schedule, however our wait times can be up to an hour. The reason for this is that every patient requires personalized care, and some patients may require additional testing while here so they do not have to make another appointment and we can give immediate care. We thank you for your patience. 


Appointment Reminders: Our office confirms appointments the day prior. If you are
unable to keep your appointment or need to change it, please give us as much notice as

Patients are seen in the order of their appointment. Even if you show up 30 minutes
early for your appointment, we still have to see the patients by the order that they were scheduled,

not by when they arrived.  Also, we are like an airport.  All patients are at the same terminal, but may be going to different destinations.  If we take someone ahead of you, they are most likely being seen for another reason or need to be in a specific room. 

We understand that situations occur which may delay you from arriving on time for your
appointment. If you are going to more than 10 minutes late we request that you call the
office to let us know. In cases where you are going to be more than 20 minutes late, we will
do our best to accommodate you, however, due to Dr. Ead’s surgery schedule, we may have to

reschedule your appointment.

If you do not have an appointment to review you labs, please call five days after your lab appointment to inquire about your results. We do not call with normal results. 

Results will NOT be given over the phone. You must come in and discuss these results with Dr. Ead.

When you have a radiological study, be sure to ask for a copy of the CD at the time of your
test. Then make a follow-up appointment with Dr. Ead’s office to discuss the result. WE DO NOT CALL WITH RADIOLOGY RESULTS. If you do not have a follow up appointment, please call the office five days after your test to inquire about results. 
If you require a refill on a medication, please have your pharmacy fax us a request to 954-472-4044.

Any calls for prescription refills will be addressed within two business days at the very latest.

Please complete the records release form and give to the doctor you wish for us to have
records from. You can do multiple of these for multiple physicians. Please provide us with a copy of these signed forms. Medical records can take up to two weeks to process. There may be a charge for medical records depending on the quantity.

All copays, deductibles and balances are due at the time of service.

If your insurance requires referrals to be seen by a specialist, it is the patient responsibility
to obtain that referral. If you do not have your referral at the time of your appointment, we
will have to reschedule your appointment.

Again, thank you choosing for Ead Urology! We are honored to be of service to you!

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